Super Wendy's World

  • Logo that reads "Super Wendy's World" surrounded by animated versions of Wendy


Wendy’s sought a way to tell its fresh, never frozen beef story to a growing generation of consumers wary of advertising. Gaming is now bigger than the music and movie industries combined. But gamers don’t just welcome anyone. As a group that’s constantly overstimulated with messaging, they’ve naturally become skeptical of brands infringing upon their space.


Rather than acting like a brand with targeted ads and paid sponsorships, we acted like a gamer, and transformed our brand message into interactive video gameplay. Each week on Twitch, we brought Wendy to life in some of the most popular video games, then played each game with an anti-frozen twist. We played with gamers, created custom content for gamers and even inspired gamers to play as Wendy themselves— all in the name of fresh beef.

  • Wendy’s amassed such a following with our gameplay we became one of the top 1% of all streamers on Twitch
  • Gamers spent more than 9.8 million minutes watching us on Twitch
  • Our custom-branded in-game content was downloaded more than 988,000 times
  • Animated video game versions of Wendy
  • Animated video game versions of Wendy's restaurants
  • Screenshots of news stories about Wendy's engaging in gaming