Keeping Fortnite Fresh



Wendy’s wanted to reach gamers through the biggest game in the world — Fortnite — a cultural phenomenon, but historically brands had either been left tweeting about it from the sidelines or paying big bucks for in-game sponsorships.


We picked up a controller, but instead of killing other players, we killed freezers. Again and again. And we streamed it all on Twitch — where hundreds of thousands of gamers watched us wage war on Fortnite's frozen beef.

  • Wendy’s changed the way that the most popular video game in the world is played and set the foundation for brands to authentically engage this audience in new ways.
  • Wendy’s time destroying in-game freezers amassed more than 1.5 million minutes watched
  • Our Twitch stream was viewed live more than a quarter of a million times.
  • Viewers shared our stream, and mentions of Wendy’s increased by 119% across social platforms.
  • Even Twitch helped spread our mission by creating a highlight reel of our Wendy character destroying Fortnite freezers.
  • Tens of thousands of gamers joined our mission and destroyed burger freezers in their own gameplay and documented it in user-generated content.
  • Most importantly, by playing the game with our audience and making such a splash, we changed it permanently — and game developers removed the in-game burger freezers from Fortnite, thus ridding this (virtual) world of frozen beef.
  • Grand Prix, two gold, four silver and one bronze at the Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity
  • Grand, two gold, one silver and one bronze at the London International Awards
  • Grand Prix and category winner at The Drum Social Buzz Awards
  • Named by Contagious magazine as one of the top 25 brands stories of the year
  • Two gold and two silvers at the Clios
  • Gold at the Gerety Awards
  • Winner at the Communication Arts Interactive Annual Awards
  • Winner of an Adweek Project Isaac award
  • Winner at the Little Black Book Immortal Awards
  • Three awards, including two Crème de la Crème, at the WPPed Cream Awards