Give Life to the Night

  • LED billboard that says, ‘This billboard recharges 2,475 Red Bull cans to light up your dreams at night’ in a soccer field
Red Bull Pursues Dreams

In Vietnam, there are still communities filled with aspiring dreamers who don’t have access to properly lit areas to pursue their dreams after the sun sets.

We discovered that it’s not the lack of passion or motivation, but the absence of facilities that holds back dreamers.

As the leading energy drink in Vietnam, Red Bull wanted to stay true to its mission of giving people the energy to charge ahead into their dreams.

With Red Bull, we created Give Life to the Night, an LED billboard powered by 2,475 Red Bull cans that absorb and store energy from the sun to light up the night.

  • Results and explanation of the Give Life To The Night Red Bull Campaign in Vietnam.
    Red Bull helped shine light on football fields, basketball courts, and parks creating 4,925 estimated hours of playing time.