Carbon-Neutral Net


Volkswagen is on a journey to make emissions-free mobility accessible to everyone through infrastructure investments worldwide and the reveal of their first sustainable, all-electric SUV. But with other automotive companies heavily promoting their own electric vehicles, we needed to do something unique to bring VW’s sustainability efforts to the forefront. So, we set out to design a website that’s as carbon efficient as Volkswagen’s all-new electric vehicle.


TAXI, a VMLY&R Company, reduced Volkswagen’s website to almost nothing by removing all images and colour, creating the first sustainable web experience for an automotive company. This brought awareness to Volkswagen’s new all-electric SUV, while demonstrating tangible change. This was relevant to our audience as a segmentation study showed that Volkswagen’s core audience believes in collective action for the common good. While design choices can impact usability, emotion, and aesthetics, our website transformation demonstrates that design can impact sustainability too.

  • A website that’s 99% cleaner than over 2 million sites tested – generating only 0.022g of CO2 per page view.
  • Coverage in 90+ news and media outlets in just three weeks.